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About College

Dr.E.M. Abdulla, M.B.B.S was famous doctor, a well known philanthropist, social worker and founder of Syed Ammal Trust. He was also called as father of Ramanathapuram which became the head quarter due to the continuous efforts taken by him. In 1955 he constructed a hospital named after his beloved mother Syed Ammal which is located at the heart of ramanathapuram town. He considered that the best way to serve the ailing humanity. So he rendered a great service to humanity as a doctor. He thought that the service to ailing humanity is not enough. So he wanted to make them educated. He felt that an ideal system of education is the backbone of democracy. He was very much interested in nation building activities. So he established an educational trust in the name of his beloved mother Syed Ammal.
The pitiable educational condition persisted in Ramanathapuram provoked him to start a high school in 1964 and it was then upgraded to Higher Secondary School. He further introduced matriculation school to improve the standard of English knowledge of students of rural and remote area. Realizing the growth of science and technology, he started an engineering college on madurai road at Ramanathapuram in 1998. He tried his level best and made this dry area into a pasture land. He planted thousands of saplings at the two sides of road of ramanathapuram. Even now many varieties of saplings are available in Syed Ammal Higher Secondary school. These saplings will be given to all who want to plant in their areas.
Since he wanted to continue his service he made his family members as trustees.
Now the present trustees wanted to continue their father's service and to fill up a lacuna of Arts and Science college on the east coast road for the purpose of providing higher education to rural village students. So they started this college from the acdemic year 2010- 2011.
The trust's vision is to make these institutions to become a world class, innovative, competitive and most successful higher educational institution by offering many value added and socially relevant courses to serve all sections of the society including minority, backward and disadvantaged students.

Our Vision

To produce deciplined and qualitative graduates.

Our Mission

To attain academic excellence through hardwork
To produce competent graduates with expertise in curricular, co-curricular & Extra curricular activities.
To make our students employable
To make our institution as a center of excellence

Quality Policy

*Increase overall pass percentage and first class degree holders
*Increase paper presentation, seminar, guest lectures, faculty development programe, quality improvement prgrames, in-plant training & industrial visits.
*Involving research and development activities leading to sponsord research projects from reputed funding agency
*Importing soft skills to improve students competency for employment.
*Striving to become an institution of excellence within the next five year.


Dr.A. Seyyadha Abdulla M.B.B.S.,

Dr.A. Babu Abdulla M.B.B.S.,

Mr.A. Chelladurai Abdulla B.Sc.,

Mr.A. Chinnadurai Abdulla M.B.B.S.,

Mrs. A. Rajathi Abdulla M.A, B.Ed.,