Department of Information Technology

Information technology is to produce knowledge about one of the very old one to the latest new one on the world. That is some billions of Informations are gathering to the universe and make every one in vast knowledge about anything to the universe and make everyone in vast knowledge about anything upon the universe. [that is, on the earth, in the earth, beyond the earth].
We are also provide such kind of knowledge to our students to become more intelligents and to do anything in the world most confident. We also provide more confident to make their own individuality, because individuality is very important for any successor.
Also, our faculty members are successing some individual aspects Internationaly and Nationaly like,

1. “Dynamic scheduling algorithm for hypercube architecture”
[IEEE catalog No:CFP1476E - CDR
ISBN : 978-1-4799-2258-1
- G.J.Justin Micheal sahayam, (Head of the department)
2. “Layered architecture using conditional random fields for intrusion detection” Field for intrusion detection” [ISBN: 978-81-8371-412-9] - G.muthumeenakshi (Asst.Professor)
3. Grid object metadata by scheme”

About Department

It was established in the year june 2011, with 40 students and one faculty member. Now, it will grove up to 130 students and 4 faculty members. Our students are achieving various levels like, university level sports activities, state level employment opportunities like walk-in’ s.

Head of the department

1. G.J. Justin Micheal sahayam,

Staff Members

1. N. Visalatchi

2. G. Muthumeenakshi,

3. I. Eswari